Do you want to work with us on your brand?

There are several ways to work with us on your brand. Please see our menu below. If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you! Please see our CONTACT page.

1. Inspiratie sessie

You present your problem beforehand, I will read up on it and make the necessary preparations for our meeting. Then we’ll spend half a day together sparring about your problem and I’ll trigger you, give you examples and make you think about your problem and the solutions. I guarantee you that you will be inspired to set to work after our session (and if not, I can help you).

Location: Harderwijk
Investment: Eur 595,- excl.

2. Live branding canvas session

Together we will build your live branding canvas, which will be the compass for your authentic brand story. Afterwards, you will have a good basis for your brand development which you can work with (and if not, I can help you).

Location: Harderwijk
Investment: Eur 595,- excl.

3. Ambition session

You will describe your ambitious goal beforehand and I will read up on it and prepare myself for our meeting. Then we will have two half-day whiteboard sessions together, where you will start with a blueprint for your ambitions. After this session, you will be able to work these options out for yourself (and if not, I can help you).

Location: Harderwijk
Investment: Eur 995,- excl.

4. Loyalty measurement

Starting from a concrete, personal and careful process, I will have a conversation with your customers. I deliberately choose to have these conversations in person as it will give me a complete and honest picture of how your customers view your organisation. I will then make an advisory report for optimising the brand experience of your company.

Location: The Netherlands (with the exception of the Wadden Islands)
Investment: Eur 2,490,- excl. VAT (based on 6 customers) (o.b.v. 6 klanten)
Eur 4,450,- excl. VAT (based on 12 customers)


Complete corporate identity including a photo shoot and texts for a simple WordPress website (one-pager). Delivery: Within 14 working days (based on our planning and full cooperation).

Investment: Eur 4.950,- excl. BTW
Options on request and at additional cost

The following projects are possible on the basis of a customised quote:

6. Design and realisation for an exhibition stand with or without a marketing communication plan
7. Design and realisation of a commercial interior or display project
8. Social media management
9. Training “Scoring with your trade fair participation” based on the book with the same title
10. Interim project management for branding and management

Curious how we can make this work for your business?