Our starting point is always the essence of your brand, company and with who you want to communicate in which way. We use the unique Live Branding Canvas to provide clarity on these points and with a mix of research, creativity and experience, we then design a tantalizing concept. A brand space with a distinctive look and feel, and, of course, with a corporate identity guarantee. We also understand very well that you are only truly satisfied when your exhibition stand accomplishes your goals. Our designers will take this into account from the start of the project.
Following the visual concept, we organise the production of your exhibition stand as a brand environment from A to Z. We have knowledge of materials and know the safety requirements, the logistical challenges and the people who can help. We ensure a smooth and optimal realisation, including close cooperation with partners from our network.

We add value through premium project management with a pleasant and open communication and full insight into the planning. This way we manage progress and the desired quality during the entire (construction) process. Of course, we take things out of your hands but more importantly: we give you back your valuable time and agreed quality.


As a first in the Netherlands, we now have a tool for validating your trade fair communication through machine generated eye tracking.

By means of a trained neural network, we can now test your exhibition communication very quickly on what the visitor will be looking at.

This extra validation process ensures a better and more effective exhibition stand.
You will receive a heat map that gives a viewing indication (with a certainty of 90-92%) about your creative communication.


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