Naked Espresso maker

A handmade espresso machine made by Dutch designer Mike van de Goor.
What problem did we solve?

What problem did we solve:

The designer wanted to be able to focus on completing his product perfectly. In a short space of time, the brand values were made visible via whiteboard sessions and a mood board. The logo was then given its final form. Furthermore, the other resources such as mood and product photography, website, socials, packaging and manual were developed and realised.

Interesting fact:

In addition to this assignment, so many more ideas and innovations arose because of the transparent cooperation. Seeing this assembled in images and production has brought both entrepreneurs extra growth during this process.

Customer reaction:

“Egon has helped us in the field of strategy, marketing and social media. He is driven, flexible, unifying and an all-round thinker. The ideas that he has, he discusses immediately and often comes up with new, modern solutions.”

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