How are you doing in these exciting times?
I don’t know your name and yet I’m trying to reach you. Personal, sensitive and vulnerable – how do you do that as a brand? How do you connect and build trust? And how can you be meaningful as a brand and make an impact? That is what this PIM Trend Report is about: humanising brands.

It sounds simple. Yet people regularly look at the intentions of organisations with suspicion: from Shell to Huawei and HelloFresh. Even NGOs cannot escape reactions like ‘marketing talk’ or purpose washing.

By filling out the Live Branding Canvas together, this process will help you to get your live branding strategy on one page in 18 steps. Inspired by the True Story Canvas for storytelling and enriched with relevant and concrete experience, it gives you a simple compass for branding at the physical place of valuable customer contact. In addition, it is intelligent for use as a single strategic briefing for operational partners. All in all, it provides controlled creativity with measurable results.
Project Starline: Feel like you’re there, together.
People love being together — to share, collaborate and connect. And this past year, with limited travel and increased remote work, being together has never felt more important.