Design and projectmanagement for your distinctive brand space

Your brand being the focal point in every space, live and digital, for an optimal brand experience, that is what my experienced team of specialists and I take care of. We do this by cleverly combining customer knowledge and brand building, resulting in better leads, loyal customers and healthy growth for you.



Customer knowledge

Are your customers dissatisfied, satisfied or even ambassadors of your organisation?

Building your brand

Are you visible and distinctive enough as a brand?


Would you like to see what we have done for other brands?


Because there is more competition than ever. Therefore, it is quite difficult to stand out from the crowd. Getting in touch with new customers is costly and time-consuming.

You know that it is important to be present at the places where your specific target group is. But above all, you want to claim a positive place in their minds.

I know what I’m talking about, but it’s up to you to decide if I can help you grow your brand with the help of Live Branding – Egon

Russian company hopes to launch ‘space billboards’ into the sky – Igor L.
Satisfied customers

If I need any stand support for NL and any market in that area, you will be the first one to reach out to 🙂

Mariela M

“Thanks a lot! It was an informative day with a lot of food for thought. It gave me a clear direction! (ambition session)”

Catelijne de G

“The cooperation with Brands & Spaces gives me the feeling that it lifts our brand to a higher level.”

Anika B

“The Live Branding Canvas from Brands and Spaces has helped me to better market my business.”

Colin J.

“Egon has helped us in the areas of strategy, marketing and social media. He is driven, flexible, committed and an all-round thinker. He immediately discusses any ideas he has and often comes up with new and modern solutions.”

Mike van de G

Curious how we can make this work for your business? Let’s meet and I’ll share with you the power of live branding.